What is Popola?

Popola is a rest area for

an expecting mom, dad and her family

and for preschoolers and their parents/guardians

to casually stop by

and freely spend their time.

Moms, Dads,

Grandmas and Grandpas

are all welcome to come visit

with their kids and grandchildren.

Those who will have kids in the future

and those who are interested in “nurturing”

are all welcome to come and visit as well.

Don’t worry if you and/or your preschoolers have any disability

nor if you don’t speak Japanese at all.

We also welcome anyone who wishes

to learn and chat about nurturing children,

to take a break, or to visit for any other purposes.

Please feel free to stop by

and spend your time as long as you wish.

At Popola, we;

Have an “open space” where you can

freely spend your time with your preschoolers.

Provide “advisement “on any concern you may have.

Have an “information” salon where you can

search for useful information of your interest.

Provide events to “interact” and “sharing information”

for those who wish to support child nurturing in Tsuzuki-Ward.

Organize “seminars” to support nurturing children.

Open Space

It is a rest area where preschoolers and their parents/guardians

are welcome to visit and take a break.

There is an area with a lot of picture books and toys.

There is a tea time and a meal hour.

There is a space where you can spend time with a baby,

such as a small baby zone, a nursing area and a tatami room.

You can just relax and stay there even not doing anything, if you want.

It is a place where all visitors are welcome to relax

and freely spend their time.

Information Salon

We gathered a variety of information regarding nurturing children

which is all accessible and viewable to our visitors.

You can feel free to stop by and even bring your stroller inside

to look for useful information.

A lot of information is available on a PC and

there is a “play area” for children while you search.

Child Nurturing Advisement

You can casually seek advisement at any time

regarding any concern or question that you

face throughout your child nurturing (‘casual advisement’).

Once every week, you can take specialized advisory service

if you wish to seek advice privately (‘specific advisement’).

We have a tatami room where you can bring your kids

as well as a floor room where you can bring your stroller in.

Feel free to use these private rooms for your consultation session.

Child Nurturing Support Network Development

We develop a network which focuses on nurturing children

from various perspectives to provide a chance

to create a new relationship within the local community.

We organize events for those who support nurturing children

to “interact” and “share information.”

Education and Support

We organize “seminars” to support child nurturing in Tsuzuki-Ward.

We plan various workshops and classes, targeted to all ages,

in order to develop a local environment that is

safe and friendly for families to nurture their children.

Yokohama Child-rearing Support System

Yokohama City has supported child nurturing by facilitating citizens needs of leaving and taking care of kids in the community. We have a dedicated coordinating office to help the arrangements.

Tsuzuki-Ward Child Nurturing Support Center “Popola” is contracted from Tsuzuki-Ward and operated by the Non-Profit Organization “Kodomo Ouen Network.”


Please register for a “Popola user card” to use our open space.

popola english map

Tsuzuki Ward Child Nurturing Support Center “Popola”

Shopping Town “AITAI” 5F

1-1-3 Nakagawa-Chuo, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama 224-0003

Tuesday through Saturday 10 AM to 5 PM
(the Open Space is openavailable until 4 PM)
Sunday, Monday, Holidays, End of the year and New Year’s Day.


2 minutes walk from Yokohama City Subway “Center Kita Station”

Get out of the gate, turn left and take the elevator to the 5th Floor.

※No private parking space available. Please use nearby paid-parking spaces.

Press coverage and tour

If you need overview of Popola or a tour, please contact us by email,

phone or fax before visiting us.

(tel: 045-912-5135 fax: 045-912-5160)

Any press visit or tour to take place after 3 PM due to user’s convenience.

Tsuzuki-Ward Child NurturingRaising Support Center “Popola” serves under is contracted withfrom Tsuzuki-Ward and operated by the Non-Profit Organization “Kodomo Ouen Network.”